Volume 7 |Issue 1| January-Febrary 2019                                 First published: 28 February 2019

A Correlation: TL response of synthetic fused quartz with 60Co gamma (high dose) source and 90Sr/ 90Y Beta (low dose) source

*1Inyang EP (Ph.D.), 1Inyang EP and 2Latif MB (Ph.D.)

1Department of Physics University of Calabar, PMB 1115 Calabar, Nigeria

2Centre for Energy Research and Development, OAU, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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The correlation between TL response of synthetic fused quartz with 60Co gamma source and 90Sr/90Y beta source are discussed. In the present study the thermoluminescence response of two batches of synthetic fused quartz irradiated simultaneously with gamma and beta rays were obtained with Thermo Electron Corporation manual TLD Reader Model number 3500 TLD reader. The result revealed that this phosphor tends to exhibit a very close TL glow shapes for different test doses using the two irradiation sources. There seems to be a significant relationship in the dose response and the fading of the phosphor with the different irradiation sources. The seeming distinct properties of this phosphor with the two types of irradiators suggest the suitability of this material for mixed radiation dosimetry.

Keywords: Beta rays, Dose response, Synthetic Fused quartz, Gamma rays, glow curve Additives

Editor: Dr.Arvind Chavhan

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Inyang EP, Inyang EP and Latif MB. A Correlation: TL response of synthetic fused quartz with 60Co gamma (high dose) source and 90Sr/ 90Y Beta (low dose) source. Int. Res. Journal of Science & Engineering, 2019, 7 (1): 1-7.


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