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Please send the Membership subscription or processing fees. Processing fees has to be paid every time when one submits the manuscript. Life members need not pay processing fees. If one is Annual member, then one can submit three manuscript during the annual membership. If one submits more than three manuscript in a year, one has to pay processing fees from fourth manuscript onwards.

Membership :

Authors should pay either membership subscription (Annual or Life membership) or processing fees. We wish that all authors should be at least annual members of the journal. Life members are given preference in early publication of manuscript after approval of their manuscripts from experts. In case authors do not wish to be members, then they should pay processing fees while submitting the manuscript. Please note that membership subscription or processing fees will not be returned or refunded if your manuscript is rejected. Membership subscription or processing fees is a must while submitting the manuscript otherwise it will not be processed. There are no other hidden charges.

Author who is annual member can submit three manuscripts in one year. Authors who are life members can submit many number of manuscript in a year. Annual member should get their membership renewed one month before expiry. Authors who are members should see that their co-authors should become members of journal or they should pay processing fees as per our policy.

Membership Opportunities

Membership Annual Life
Individual INRs. 3,500/-
(US$ 250)
INRs. 15,000/-
(US$ 550)
Institutional INRs. 4,500/-
(US$ 350)
INRs. 25,000/-
(US$ 850)

Journal Offers Membership opportunities of Two Categories

Therefore, we invite you to contribute for the following types of publications :


    Apart from other benefits, life members will get the following major advantages:
      1.One will get a prestigious certificate regarding life membership, essential for one’s academic enhancement.
      2.They will need not pay Article processing fees while they wish to publish their research papers in the journal
      3.They may have opportunity elected as member of editorial board.


    Annual members will get the following major benefits:.
      1. One can wish to publish three research paper in the journal without giving any other membership charges for the whole year.

Mode of Payment

INRs./US$/Euro can be remitted by online payment/E-Money Transfer/Wester Union Money Transfer/Bank Demand Draft/Cheques (at par only)/Cash mentioning Receipt No. and date.

Detail of transfer process is as follows:

A/c No:31033988127

MICR Code:444002976

Branch Code:003866

IFS Code:SBIN0003866

Branch Address:State Bank of India, Old Biyani College Road Tapowan Road Distt Amravati Maharashtra 444602

[For E-money transfer, please add INRs. 125/- (US$ 10) extra towards collection / service charges. Payments should be made in the name of “ARVIND CHAVHAN”]

Detail about Western Union Money Transfer Services is as follows :


First Name:ARVIND


Full Address (including City, Street & Postal Code) :G-3, Dattamandir, Vinayak Nagar, Nagpur Road, Amravati -444603

Cell:+91-9420 557727

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