Volume 7 |Issue 1| January-Febrary 2019                                 First published: 28 February 2019

Analysis of Performance and Emission of Biodiesel with Perovskite Nanomaterial in Diesel Engine using Taguchi Approach

Joshi Kalpana G1, Bajaj SB2, Ingle Sumedh S3

1Research Scholar, Dr. B. A. M. U., Aurangabad, India

1Lecturer, Sanjivani K. B. P., Polytechnic, Kopargaon, India

2Associate Professor, JES College, Jalna, India

3Associate Professor, SRES, Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon, India

*Corresponding Author Email: kalpanagjoshi@gmail.com


Currently world is facing crises of fuel and environmental issues, which makes an urgent need for search of renewable alternative fuels as well as fuel additives which reduces emissions. In the present research work a experimentation was carried out to synthesize Perovskite composite nanomaterial Ba(NiNb)0.5O3 (BNN) by conventional solid state reaction method, while analysis of the emission and performance characteristics of single cylinder, water cooled four stroke direct injection CI engine at different engine loads using palm and castor biodiesel and BNN as fuel additive was done. Taguchi method was used for design of experiment. The optimum combinations of emission and performance are obtained for biodiesel with BNN nanomaterial as fuel additive. The results revealed that, Blend B20 and B40 with BNN nanomaterial Shows better results.

Keywords:Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, BTE, BNN, CO, HC, NOx etc.

Editor: Dr.Arvind Chavhan

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Joshi Kalpana G, Bajaj SB, Ingle Sumedh S. Analysis of Performance and Emission of Biodiesel with Perovskite Nanomaterial in Diesel Engine using Taguchi Approach. Int. Res. Journal of Science & Engineering, 2019, 7 (1): 29-33.


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