International Conference on Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience (ICANN 2017)

Special Issue A1| Dec 2017


Effect of precipitation conditions on crystallization of TiO2 nanoparticles in acidic route

Wani PN, Ekar SU, Kangude BU, Shelke PN, Chaudhari SR, Chaskar MG, Chabukswar VV and Khollam YB

Special Issue A1:2017:1-7

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Synthesis and Dielectric properties of nanocrystalline Gd3+ substituted Nickel-Cadmium ferrites

More RM, Chaudhari ND and Vasambekar PN

Special Issue A1:2017:8-14

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Study of Variation of Bandgaps of Pure and Doped Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles (NiO) prepared in different environments

Kaushik Baishya and Karmakar Sanjib

Special Issue A1:2017:15-20

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Clinical applications of ZnO nanoparticles

Khater MS, Kulkarni GR, Talathi P and Karnik R

Special Issue A1:2017:21-28

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Green Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Graphene Oxide

Gijare Medha, Chaudhari Sharmila and Garje Anil

Special Issue A1:2017:29-34

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Fabrication and Characteristics of Nano Sized ZnSe Thin Films by Chemical Bath Deposition

Pingale PC, Kale RD and Kalange AE

Special Issue A1:2017:35-38

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The effect sintering temperature on structural and magnetic properties of Nano-crystalline Al3+ doped Magnesiumcopper ferrites synthesized by Sol-gel method

Lagad SB and Gaikwad SV

Special Issue A1:2017:39-43

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Screening of silver nanoparticles producing cyanobacteria and its characterization

Pawar Sunil, Bhosale Amarsinh, Mulani Parvin, Patekar Panchratna and Shaha Swarali.

Special Issue A1:2017:44-54

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Synthesis of ZnO:TiO2 Nanocomposite Thin Films by Spraypyrolysis

Waghmode JV, Bhosale SE, Shinde TB, Mohite VR and Sapkal RT

Special Issue A1:2017:55-58

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Nanomaterial applications as radiosensitizer in radiation therapy for cancer treatment

Singh Lalit Mohan, Singh KY and Kumar Dinesh

Special Issue A1:2017:59-63

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Innovative applications of Nanophase alumina as dehydration catalyst and as humidity sensor

Sali Nitin, Gandhe Shrikant, Dighe Pradeep, Bhoraskar SV

Special Issue A1:2017:64-68

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Structural and dielectric properties of Nd Substituted Ni-Co Nanoferrites by autocombustion route

Kokare MK and Rathod SM

Special Issue A1:2017:69-72

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Synthesis and Characterization of Spray Deposited Lithium Ferrite Thin Film

Chilwar Rahul R, Somvanshi Sandeep B, Chavan Apparao R, Kharat Prashant B, Babrekar MK and Jadhav KM

Special Issue A1:2017:73-76

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Structural and Magnetization Behaviour in Magnetically Diluted Nickel Ferrite at Nanoscale

Deshmukh SS, Humbe Ashok, Keche Atul, Patil Manisha, More SD, Shukla SJ and Jadhav KM

Special Issue A1:2017:77-80

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Selective low-temperature chlorine gas sensing properties of bio-inspired nanocrystalline TiO2

Ekar SU, Wani PN, Shaikh SF, Nakate UT, Ghule BG, Shinde PV, Raut SD, Jadhav VV, Jadhav SS, Khollam YB and Mane RS

Special Issue A1:2017:81-86

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Synthesis and Characterization of Gd doped Y2O3 Phosphor Material

Kale Sanjay R and Thube Dilip R

Special Issue A1:2017:87-90

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Preparation of MnS thin films by chemical bath deposition and effect of bath temperature on their optical propertie

Sonavane DK, Jare SK, Suryawanshi RV, Kathare RV, Bulakhe RN

Special Issue A1:2017:91-94

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Study of electrical properties of semiconducting nanocomposites

Tiwari KP and Pandey Anand

Special Issue A1:2017:95-98

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Study of temperature change on ultrasonic velocity and some acoustic parameters of binary liquid mixture of DMSO+ Chlorobenzene

Kolhe RK and Bhosale BB

Special Issue A1:2017:99-102

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Novel synthesis of Cu2CoSnS4 thin films for photovoltaic application

Maldar PS, Mane AA, Nikam SS, Mohite VS, Giri SD, Sarkar A, Moholkar AV

Special Issue A1:2017:103-108

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Study of chromium atom adsorption on single wall carbon nanotube using first-principles density functional theory

Nirmal Sangeeta A, Sonawane MR and Atram RG

Special Issue A1:2017:109-116

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Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline-SnO2 Composite for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Detection

Varade PS, Gangal SA, Shaligram AD

Special Issue A1:2017:117-122

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Band Gap Energy of Ni1-x Cdx Yy Fe2-y O4 by Sol-gel Method

Bhise RB and Rathod SM

Special Issue A1:2017:123-127

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Elemental and Compositional Studies on HgxPb1-xS Nanoparticle Films Grown from an Alkaline Chemical Bath

Chattarki AN

Special Issue A1:2017:128-132

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Empirical mathematical model based on Moisture Diffusion and its Activation Energy in nAg/PVP nanocomposite

Mahapure Poonam D, Gangal SA, Aiyer RC and Gosavi SW

Special Issue A1:2017:133-142

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Study of CO2 gas detection by multilayer SnO2-ZnO-PPy sensor

Mude BM,Mude KM, Raulkar KB, Zade RN, Yenorkar SM and Yawale SP

Special Issue A1:2017:143-148

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Stability of CO2 gas sensor by doping nano ZnO in conducting polymer Polyaniline

Mude KM, Mude BM, Raulkar KB, Mistry RR, Zade RN and Yawale SP

Special Issue A1:2017:149-154

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Structural and dielectric properties of (bspt - lsmo) composites

Tambe SN, Mohite VS, Kolekar YD and Salunkhe DJ

Special Issue A1:2017:155-158

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Analysis of Energy Efficient Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters for Powering of Low Power Devices

Kakade Vijay and Anpat Sandip

Special Issue A1:2017:159-163

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Triton B mediated green protocol for epoxide cleavage

Zade RN, Mude KM, Mude BM, More PS and Patange AN

Special Issue A1:2017:164-166

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The vital role and applications of nanoelectronics in the Nanotechnology Domain

Shirsath CA and Shaikh MA

Special Issue A1:2017:167-170

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Effect of electron irradiation on the Electrodeposited Cadmium Telluride thin films

Gangawane SA

Special Issue A1:2017:171-175

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Synthesis of GaInSb ternary semiconductor nanoparticles using spark discharge method under Argon gas atmosphere

More PS, Zade RN, Mude KM and Gadkari DB

Special Issue A1:2017:176-178

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Synthesis and Characterization of TI- 2223 Superconducting Film by Electrocrystalization Technique

Bobade DH, Patil SA, Mane TR and Nikam VR

Special Issue A1:2017:179-182

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Ag-ZnO Nanowires: An efficient NO2 sensor

Linge Nitin, Ramgir Niranjan S*, Debnath AK, Muthe KP and Gadkari SC

Special Issue A1:2017:183-185

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Effect of aluminum on magnetic properties of nanocrystaline copper ferrite

Mane TR, Bobade DH and Jagtap AS

Special Issue A1:2017:186-188

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Sea Shell Derived CaCo3 Nanorods as Calcium Rich Fertilizer in Agriculture

Dhakane SF and Moulavi MH

Special Issue A1:2017:189-191

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Fabrication and Characterizations of Cu / CdS0.6Te0.4 Thin Film Schottky Diode

Attarde RR, Toda YR, Kale MS

Special Issue A1:2017:192-194

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Chemical Spray Deposited Nickel Sulphide Thin Films for Supercapacitor applications

Mahadik AS, Khalate SA, Kate RS and Deokate RJ *

Special Issue A1:2017:195-198

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Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Molybdenum Doped Nickel Oxide Thin Film Electrodes

Kate RS, Khalate SA, Deokate RJ

Special Issue A1:2017:199-202

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Comparative Study of Ferrite Based Humidity Sensor for Smart Sensor Module Design

Patil SN, Pawar AM, Deshpande JD and Ladgaonkar BP

Special Issue A1:2017:203-209

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Production and extraction of antifungal compound from Lactobacillus paracollinoides FG401

Sathe SJ, Gajbhiye MH and Doshi DV

Special Issue A1:2017:210-214

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