National Seminar on
Recent Advances in Green Chemistry and Physics -2018
date April 27, 2018

Special Issue A5| 2018


IR Spectral and Elastic Moduli study of Ho+3 doped Co–Ni ferrites via Sol–gel auto combustion Method

Fugate DV. Ganure Ketankumar A, Dhale Laxaman A, Kadam Ankush. B

Special Issue A5:2018:1-6

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Role of Non-Conventional Energy Sources in Make in India Energy Crisis Problem Solved from Renewable Energy Sources

*Birajdar AP, Ramshetty RS and Munde Bhaskar S

Special Issue A5:2018:7-12

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Electrical resistivity and dielectric studies of Pb4+ substituted nickel ferrites prepared by double sintering method

Labde BK and *Padampalle AS

Special Issue A5:2018:13-18

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The properties and advantages of the hybrid Solar Cell

Sawant SS

Special Issue A5:2018:19-25

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Green synthesis of Palladium nanoparticles by Soybean (Glycin Max.) leaf extract

Suryawanshi AD, Padampalle AS and Suryawanshi DD

Special Issue A5:2018:26-30

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Thermoelectric and dielectric studies of Nd-doped Li-Ti ferrite

*Lature Satishkumar, Kalashetty Shivanand and Jadhav GH

Special Issue A5:2018:31-35

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Room temperature XRD and magnetic investigations of NBTZn-Cr-CFO multiferroic composites

Wadgane Santosh, Shitre AR, Gurav SK, Balsure SD, Satpute SS, Patange SM, *Kadam RH

Special Issue A5:2018:36-40

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Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) synthesized by sol-gel autocombustion method

Gaikwad AS, More SS, Kathare RV, Mane ML, Borade RB, Vijapure YA and *Kadam AB

Special Issue A5:2018:41-44

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Structural Investigation of Cr3+ions substituted Cu-ferrite nanoparticles

*Bainade SR, Kale CM, Jadhav GR and Sable MC

Special Issue A5:2018:45-48

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Structural and optical properties of Cd(1-x) ZnxS(x=0)/CdS thin film using chemical bath deposition technique

*Mugle Dhananjay, Barote MA , Ravangave LS and Jadhav Ghanshyam

Special Issue A5:2018:49-52

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Sol-Gel Synthesized Y3-xBixAl0.5Fe4.5O12 nanoparticles: Structural and electrical investigations

Borade RB,Kadam SB, Shinde Vishnu, Alone ST, Dhale LA, Gaikwad AS and *Kadam AB

Special Issue A5:2018:53-56

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Hopping mechanism and cation distribution studies in Y3+doped cobalt ferrite nanoparticles

Satpute Sunil, Shelke SB, Birajdar AA, Wadgane Santosh, Lohar KS, Mane DR and *Kadam RH

Special Issue A5:2018:57-60

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Effect of Zr4+ ions on structural and electrical porperties of NiCd ferrite

Patil BU, Kale CM and Birajdar DS

Special Issue A5:2018:61-64

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Study of Ethanol sensing properties of spray deposited CdO thin films

Munde Bhaskar and Barote MA

Special Issue A5:2018:65-68

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Synthesis and Thermogravimetric Analysis of Li0.50.5xMgxFe2.5-0.5xO4

Bhoodevi PB, Sangshetty RM,*Lature Satish and Jadhav GH

Special Issue A5:2018:69-72

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A study on Infrared spectroscopy of Nd3+ doped Cobalt Ferrite

*Gaikwad PK, Shinde VS and Sawant SS

Special Issue A5:2018:73-76

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Ultrasonic Studies on Binary Mixtures of Acetyl Acetone at Room Temperature

Birajdar AA and Gurav SK

Special Issue A5:2018:77-80

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Optical properties of spray deposited Al doped CdO thin films

Munde Bhaskar S

Special Issue A5:2018:81-83

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Copper Ferrite: - Electrical Properties For Cadmium Substituted Copper Ferrite

*Rajmane SV,Dindore UB, Kshirsagar SV and Jadhav KM

Special Issue A5:2018:84-86

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Low-Temperature Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanorods by WetChemical Method

Mohite RM, Kothawale RR and Roy AS

Special Issue A5:2018:87-89

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Structural characteristics of Mg substituted Sol-Gel synthesized Li-Zn magnetic nanomaterial

Birajdar DD

Special Issue A5:2018:90-92

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Synthesis of 1, 5-benzodiazepines by using Fe3O4@SiO2SO3H nanocatalyst

Sathe BP, Phatak PS, Dalve VS, Rote AB, Tigote RM and Haval KP

Special Issue A5:2018:93-98

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An Efficient Synthesis of Substituted-2, 3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones using Fe3O4@SiO2SO3H Nano-catalyst

Sathe BP, Phatak PS, Kadam AY, Gulmire AV, Narvade PR and Haval KP

Special Issue A5:2018:99-104

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Influence of Pr3+ ion doped in Infra-red spectroscopy and Elastic properties Co ferrites

Pachpinde AM, Langade MM, Dhale LA, Ganure Keatn A and Lohar KS

Special Issue A5:2018:105-110

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One-pot mannich base synthesis using dehydro acetic acid and protic ionic liquids

*Bondar Dhananjay V, Patange Vaibhav N, Ingle Vilas S

Special Issue A5:2018:111-115

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Sol-gel auto Combustion Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles

Jadhav SP

Special Issue A5:2018:116-118

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An efficient and eco-friendly synthesis of 1,4-dihydro-1,8- naphthyridine-3-carbonitrile derivatives in aqueous media

Jamale DK

Special Issue A5:2018:119-122

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Copper Ferrite super magnetic nano-catalysed synthesis of 6- Amino-3-methyl-4-(substituted-phenyl)-2, 4- dihydro-pyrano- [2, 3-c] pyrazole-5-carbonitrile

Suryavanshi AW

Special Issue A5:2018:123-126

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Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye using TiO2 Nanoparticles

Sutar RS, Kurund SB, Morale AM, Kurund SD, Chavan RA, *Patil MK

Special Issue A5:2018:127-130

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A note on the Flavonoid content of some medicinal plants

Hogade Vilas S

Special Issue A5:2018:131-134

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Asymmetric gravitational force

Kalshetty Shivanand and Jadhav GH

Special Issue A5:2018:135-140

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