Recent Approaches in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Special Issue A3| Jan 2018


Pharmacological Review of Luffa acutangula (L) Roxb

Pingale Shirish S, Punde Vikas M, Deokar Dinesh E

Special Issue A3:2018:1-8

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Review of Air Quality in Pimpri - Chinchwad, MS, India.

Gadekar Jaising

Special Issue A3:2018:187-192

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Apparent molar volumes of Aspirin in water at temperatures from 298.15 to 313.15 K

Bhujbal Ravindra C

Special Issue A3:2018:9-14

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Size dependent variation in the rate of oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and O:N ratio of freshwater bivalve, Indonaia caeruleus from Yedgaon Dam during monsoon season (M.S.) India

Gulave Arun

Special Issue A3:2018:15-20

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Synthesis and evaluation of some 1,2,3,4-tetra-hydro pyrimidine derivatives as antitumor agents.

Hole MB, Pattan SR, and Vijayalakshmi P

Special Issue A3:2018:21-27

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Comparative Study of Surface Activation of Nanocrystalline MgO Under Thermal and Microwave Heating in Wittig Reaction

Moulavi Mansur, Kanade Kaluram, Arbuj Sudhir, Kale Bharat

Special Issue A3:2018:28-34

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Dielectric behavior of Al3+ substituted Cd ferrites

Bhitre Sandesh R

Special Issue A3:2018:35-38

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Synthesis of Bioactive Chromone Derivatives

Tagad Vinayak T

Special Issue A3:2018:39-42

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Formulation and Evaluation of Diclofenac Sodium Oro Dispersible tablets using super disintegrant by direct compression technique

Bhore Pooja , Pachpute Karishma, Gadhave MV, Jadhav S, Gaikwad D

Special Issue A3:2018:43-48

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Synthesis and characterization of ZnO dopped Fe3O4 nanocomposite material and its heterogeneous photocatalytic activity for degradation of phenol

Kale Ganesh K and Borawake Ganesh A

Special Issue A3:2018:49-55

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Synthesis and Characterization of Chalcone and their Fe(III) metal complexes

Thakare AP, Dahane AS, Rathod SB and Mandlik PR

Special Issue A3:2018:56-60

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QSAR and Toxicity profile of Synthesized Derivatives of 5- aryl/di fluro phenyl substituted-1,3,4-Thidiazole-2-amine

Kadam Sushama S

Special Issue A3:2018:61-64

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Formulation and Evaluation of Diclofenac Sodium Gel by Using Carbopol

Patel Shamira , Changediya Bhavana , Gadhave MV , Jadhav S, Gaikwad DD

Special Issue A3:2018:65-68

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Synthesis and Characterization of Transparent Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) Thin Films By Chemical Bath Deposition Technique

Waghmare Suraj S, Kamthe Vishal M, Desai Anjana S, Patil Mahendra and Mujawar Sarfraj H

Special Issue A3:2018:69-72

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Microwave assisted synthesis and biological evaluation of tetrahydropyrimidine derivatives

Kadam SS, Hole MB, Gaikwad DD, Jadhav SL

Special Issue A3:2018:73-79

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Synthesis and characterization of Fe-doped TiO2 Nanoparticles by modified sol-gel method

Aware Dinkar V

Special Issue A3:2018:80-84

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Formulation and Evaluation of Luliconazole Emulgel for Topical Drug Delivery

Dhobale Shankar, Shelke Gajanan, Jadhav Suresh, Gaikwad Dushyant

Special Issue A3:2018:85-90

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Studies on sensing properties of nanostructured Zn2TiO4

Jain Gotan H, Bongarde Ruturaj R, Musale Digvijay B and Nikam Latesh K

Special Issue A3:2018:91-95

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Estimation of Frusemide in bulk and tablet formulation by UV spectrophotometric Area under Curve method

Phalle Supriya, Patel SG, Dhobale SM

Special Issue A3:2018:96-100

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Synthesis, characterization and applications of β- cyclodextrin coated Fe3O4-CeO2

Padol Abasaheb1 and Thorat Shital2

Special Issue A3:2018:101-107

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Synthesis and Characterization of Azopyrazole derivatives

Thakare AP and Thakare NR

Special Issue A3:2018:108-110

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Environmental Sciences Studies of the Physicochemical Parameters of soil samples of Khed Taluka Dist: Pune (Maharashtra)

Suryawanshi Sampatrao B

Special Issue A3:2018:111-115

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Biofuels: Today’s Need of Conventional Fuel Replacement

Yewale Akshay R, Patel. Salim G, Kolhe Shilpa S, Jadhav Suresh L

Special Issue A3:2018:116-120

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The Impact of Global Warming on the Biodiversity

Athawale Bhagyashree K

Special Issue A3:2018:121-124

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An Analysis and Perspective related with Global Warming

Joshi Nutan Prakash, Sukale Asmita Sandip

Special Issue A3:2018:125-128

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Environmental pollution and Global Warming

Kanawade Manohar Sitaram

Special Issue A3:2018:129-133

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Environmental pollution due to mobile phone radiation, high voltage powerline radiation and investigating it’s effects on heart rate and blood pressure

Aghav Sakharam Damu, Patil Dnyaneshwar Suryakant, Yande Jyoti Vijay

Special Issue A3:2018:134-138

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The Human Population is a Main Cause of Global Warming

More Dipali Raju

Special Issue A3:2018:139-142

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E-Waste-An Environmental Impact

Sarada V

Special Issue A3:2018:143-146

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The Impact of Global Warming on the Health of Human Being

Jawale Vivek

Special Issue A3:2018:147-150

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Factors Affecting "Air Pollution"

Gole Bhagyashri Manohar

Special Issue A3:2018:151-155

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Ceramide from Celocia argentea Leaves by LC-MS

Firke Narayan P, Pingale Shirish S, Salunke-Gawali, Sunita A, Markandey Anil G

Special Issue A3:2018:156-160

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Phytochemical and Physicochemical screening of different extracts of Butea monosperma flowers

Padghan Santosh V

Special Issue A3:2018:161-164

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Recent developments in Actiniopteris radiata

Pingale Shirish S, Deokar Dinesh E, Punde Vikas M

Special Issue A3:2018:165-172

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Role of public sector banks in Environmental protection

Samel Shirish chandrakant and Bandarkar Yashwant Shankar

Special Issue A3:2018:173-178

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Effects of Global warming and Climatic Change

Raghava Rao V.S.N.

Special Issue A3:2018:179-182

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Proximate analysis of Phyllanthus amarus leaves

Pingale Shirish S

Special Issue A3:2018:183-186

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Estimation of Pazufloxacin Mesylate in bulk and formulation by UV-Spectrophotometric area under Curve Method

Chordiya Bhakti*, Patel SG, Dhobale SM

Special Issue A3:2018:193-198

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Assessment of groundwater pollution in the vicinity of Kurkumbh MIDC Kurkumbh, tal -Daund, Pune-district, Maharashtra, India

Langore Kalyan R and Bhujbal Ravindra C

Special Issue A3:2018:199-202

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Assessment of water quality by physico-chemical parameters

Hulawale Nayan R

Special Issue A3:2018:203-207

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Isolation and partial purification of lipase from Erythrina indica

Doke Jayashri R

Special Issue A3:2018:208-214

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