Advanced Methods for material Characterization(SCAMMC -2018)

Special Issue A2| Jan 2018


The Effect of over Doses in Gibberellic acid in Grape Vineyards (Vitis Vinifera L) Leaves using Biophysical Techniques in Agriculture

Dhakane SF and Pandit Vidyasagar

Special Issue A2:2018:1-5

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Study of Dielectric and Electric properties of La3+ Doped Ni-Zn Nanoferrite

Kulkarni VD and Rathod SM

Special Issue A2:2018:6-9

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Synthesis and Characterization of Bismuth Ferrite by Chemical Route

Sherkar VB and Mancharkar AV

Special Issue A2:2018:10-12

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Density Functional Study of Adsorption of Nickel Atom on Carbon Nanotube

Nirmal Sangeeta A, Sonawane MR and Atram RG

Special Issue A2:2018:13-20

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Optical and Structural Properties of CuSe Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) Technique

Sadekar Harishchandra K

Special Issue A2:2018:20-22

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Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Fargesia Sp. Jiuzhaigou leaf and investigating it’s effects on plant growth Alaa Fadel Jassem

Shinde Rachana, Yande Jyoti and Aghav Sakharam D

Special Issue A2:2018:23-26

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Electrode surface-gas interface as seat of light-effect under silent electric discharge Pimple

Sushama Sitaram

Special Issue A2:2018:27-29

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Comparative Study of Influence of pH on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ni-Zn Spinel Ferrite by Wet Chemical Method

Kakade GN and Gunjal RP

Special Issue A2:2018:30-34

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Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity of Schiff base 2-{[2-(2-Methoxy-phenoxy)-ethylimino]-methyl} - phenol and itstransition metal complexes

Palande Sheetal V and Swamy Deelip K

Special Issue A2:2018:35-40

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Dielectric Study of Binary Liquid Mixtures of 1,2 di-aminopropane (1,2-Dap) With Methanol At 9.85 Ghz Microwave Frequency

Meshram SS, Tumberphale UB, Gawali PG

Special Issue A2:2018:41-45

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Study of Chemically Deposited Nanocrystalline Cd1-Xnixs Thin Films

Sanap VB, Suryawanshi AD, Pawar BH

Special Issue A2:2018:46-48

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Dielectric and Thermal Behaviour of Yttrium Substituted Magnesium-Cadmium Ferrites (Mg1-X Cdx Yy Fe2-YO4, x = 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and y = 0, 0.075) Synthesized Using Sol-gel Autocombustion Method

Bhise RB and Rathod SM

Special Issue A2:2018:49-54

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Synthesis and Characterisation of Genuine Bhasma by EDAX Analysis

Gulalkari Rupali A

Special Issue A2:2018:55-57

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Dielectric Behavior, Resistivity and Thermoelectric Power of Multiferroic Composite

Kadam SL

Special Issue A2:2018:58-60

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Transport Properties of PbS Thin Films

Sonavane DK, Jare SK Suryawanshi RV, Kathare RV and Bulakhe RN

Special Issue A2:2018:61-63

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Ultrasonic Study of Molecular Interactions in Binary Liquid Mixtures and Acoustic Parameters of Dimethyl-sulphoxide with Ethanol at 303K

Kolhe RK and Bhosale BB

Special Issue A2:2018:64-68

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Preparation of Nickel Sulphide Nano Films

Pingale Shirish S

Special Issue A2:2018:69-72

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Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using the Agaricus bisporus (Button Mushroom) extract

Kulkarni Vasudeo D, Kute Nilam S and Tanpure Priya D

Special Issue A2:2018:73-75

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Relationship between Dielectric Constant and Water Content of Soil from Western Ghat of Maharashtra, India

Dhiware MD, Nahire SB, Deshmukh Sushant

Special Issue A2:2018:76-82

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Effects of Short-term Magnetic Field on Germination and Growth of Plants

Ashutosh Khade and Mancharkar Avinash

Special Issue A2:2018:83-88

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Optimization of Preparative Parameters for the Electrode position of Cdse Films for Photo electrochemical Solar Cell Applications

Dhanwate SV, Kokate AV, Kulkarni HR

Special Issue A2:2018:89-93

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Impacts of Meteorology on Surface Ozone Variability at Shevgaon

Kakade AD

Special Issue A2:2018:94-97

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Effect of Solar and Sun Drying on Vitamin A, and Vitamin C Content of Fenugreek Leaves

Navale SR, Thorat SK and Mohite KC

Special Issue A2:2018:98-101

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Study of Wear & Corrosion Resistance of Cr Based Nitride and Carbide Thin Films

Goswami Vishal, Mundotia R, Thorat N, Mhatre U, Nadkarni MS

Special Issue A2:2018:102-106

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Synthesis and Characterization of Electrochemically Deposited Copper Nanoparticles and their application for nano-fluids

Arote SA and Palve BM

Special Issue A2:2018:107-111

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Synthesis and XRD Study of Strontium Chalcogenide Thin Films Deposited on FTO Covered Glass Substrate

Gaikwad SV

Special Issue A2:2018:112-115

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Effect of temperature on structural, optical and electrical properties of spray deposited TiO2 thin films

Gapale DL and Borse RY

Special Issue A2:2018:116-121

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Exciton Captura rate in GaN / AlGaN Quantum Heterostructures by Computer Simulation

Patil Jyoti and Chaudhari Sharmila

Special Issue A2:2018:122-127

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Study of linear absorption and mass attenuation coefficient of various materials using G. M. Counter

Kadhum Saad Jundee, Yande Jyoti and Aghav SD

Special Issue A2:2018:128-131

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Comparative Study of Rate Constant of Metallophthalocyanines as Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

Datir AM

Special Issue A2:2018:132-134

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Studies on nano-fluids based on Electrochemically Deposited Tin Nanoparticles

Arote SA, Palve BM, Gapale DL and Pande VR

Special Issue A2:2018:135-139

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Synthesis and characterization of Nanocrystalline HfO2

Taur SM

Special Issue A2:2018:140-143

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Synthesis and characterization of Co Doped in Lead Ferrite Nanopowder Using Sol-Gel Method

Bhong VA, Dhongade AG, Rathod SM

Special Issue A2:2018:144-146

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Purification of water via nano oxide-charcoal composite

Diggikar Rahul S

Special Issue A2:2018:147-149

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Study of Influence for Various Parameters to Electrochemical Synthesis of Polyaniline Thin Film by Galvanostatic Method

Deshmukh VB, Paithankar KS, Shelke UN, More ST , Iyyer SB and Gade VK

Special Issue A2:2018:150-155

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Cation Distribution and Stress Sensitivity of Cobalt Ferrite

Kakade SG, kambale RC, Mathe VL, Kolekar YD

Special Issue A2:2018:156-160

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Synthesis and Dosimetry Characterization of CaF2:Ce3+ Phosphor Material

Punse VS and Arsad SS

Special Issue A2:2018:161-164

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Opto-electronic properties of nanostructured CdS thin film grown by chemical route

Taur Vidya S and Sharma Ramphal

Special Issue A2:2018:165-167

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Study of Electrical and Dielectric properties of Zn doped Ni-Cu Ferrite

Padampalle AS , Suryawanshi AD, Suryawanshi DD, Patil SS, Gurav SK

Special Issue A2:2018:168-171

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Synchronous luminescence spectroscopy for determination of possibility of medicinal and food values of plants

Suryawanshi AD, Padampalle AS, Sanap VB, Suryawanshi DD, Pawar BH

Special Issue A2:2018:172-175

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Deposition and Characterization of CdSe Thin Films by Spray Pyrolysis Technique

Akolkar L, Akolkar A, Bawaskar R, Kakade N

Special Issue A2:2018:176-179

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Electrical behaviour of some of the vegetables, fruits and food grains

Nagarbawadi Mehboob and Bagwan Sohail

Special Issue A2:2018:180-182

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Study of Laser Radiation Effects on Diabetic Human Blood Using FTIR Spectroscopic Techniques

Ghadage Vijay H and Lokare SA

Special Issue A2:2018:183-186

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Effect of Reaction Time on Some characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles

Shaikh RS and Ravangave LS

Special Issue A2:2018:187-191

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A Simple Hydrothermal Synthesis, and Characterization of SnO2 micro sheets and micro flex like Structures

Bhise AB and Bhise RB

Special Issue A2:2018:192-194

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Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B using Co-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles

Bhosale RR , Pujari SR, Muley GG, Kande SR, Ghoshir UG, Kalokhe SB, Gambhire AB

Special Issue A2:2018:195-201

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Silver nanoparticles as a new generation of antimicrobials –a review

Suryawanshi AD, Sanap VB A.S.Padampalle, Suryawanshi DD

Special Issue A2:2018:202-206

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Structural, Thermal and Optical Characterization of an Organic NLO Material – BTSCCdS

Kalokhe SB, Dhumane NR and Muley GG

Special Issue A2:2018:207-209

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Preparation and Characterization of Rare Earth Doped Nanoparticles for Biological Application

Tarannum Vahid Attar, Mahendra M Khandpekar

Special Issue A2:2018:210-213

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Low Frequency Dielectric Response of Modified Fly Ash Zeolite

Kalyankar AN and Choudhari AL

Special Issue A2:2018:214-216

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Study of Temperature Dependence for Iron oxide Nanoparticles

Gawali Swati R, Zagade Bhau S and Pant Jayashree

Special Issue A2:2018:217-220

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Characterization of CdS Thin Film Grown by Chemical Bath Deposition

Sonawane Shivaji M

Special Issue A2:2018:221-224

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Novel Synthesis of Antimicrobial Cotton Fibers Embedded with Enriched Zinc Chloride Nanoparticles

Sali Nitin, Tushar Patil

Special Issue A2:2018:225-229

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Synthesis, Characterization and Gas sensing properties of Cu surface modified BaTiO3 thick films

Nahire SB, Patil GE , Jain GH , Gaikwad VB, Deshmukh Sushant B

Special Issue A2:2018:230-236

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Synthesis and Characterization of Cds on Glass by Chemical Bath Deposition Method

Shinde Priyanka and Bhise RB

Special Issue A2:2018:237-240

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Synthesis of Nano-Bioceramic Material using Chemical Precipitation Method

Jadhav Madhuri S and Bhise RB

Special Issue A2:2018:241-244

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Design & Development of Tube in Tube Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

Sateesha Patil, Sanket Patel, Prashant Vavhal, Harshal Rahate

Special Issue A2:2018:245-250

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Application of Optimization Techniques in Water Jet Cutting of Granite

Vavhal Prashant, Katale Chetan, Beloshe Tejas, Patil Navnatha, Durge Mayur

Special Issue A2:2018:251-255

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Effect of Pb2+ Doped in Co Nanoferrite on Magnetic Properties Synthesized by Sol-gel Technique

Altaf Isuf Fakir, Magare GK, Mundhe BS, Rathod SM

Special Issue A2:2018:256-259

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Inorganic CuBiS2 NPs-based Photosensitized ZnO NRs for Solar cell application: Effect of volumetric ratio

Pasupula Ganga Shekar, Ekar SU and Mane RS

Special Issue A2:2018:260-266

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Growth, SHG and Z-Scan Studies of the Pure and L-Cysteine Doped Zinc Thiourea Sulphate Crystal for Photonic Device Applications

Shejwal NN Hussaini SS and Shirsat MD

Special Issue A2:2018:267-271

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Design and Development of Rack and Pinion for 180º Flipping Machine

Prashant Vavhal, Shivam Swami, Harshal Mahajan, Jueli Lad, Suraj Nanaware

Special Issue A2:2018:272-275

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Study of Optical Properties of Doped Nonlinear Optical Materials

Bawaskar Ravi

Special Issue A2:2018:276-278

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